Fascinating Facts about Gold That Will Blow Your Mind

Gold – This term originates from the Proto-Indo-European base Ghel/Ghol meaning, yellow or bright. This metal has long stood as a symbol of wealth in forms of expensive jewelry, artwork and coins. Even from a scientific and business point of view, this metal has several incredible characteristics.

Here are some of the more fascinating facts about gold that you didn’t know.

  • Several ancient peoples have used copper and gold for centuries as a form of currency.
  • Worldwide, the estimated amount of gold that has been mined is 152,000 metric tonnes. This is only enough to fill 60 tractors.
  • All the gold ever refined throughout history, is only enough to fill a cube of 20 meters or 65.5 feet on each side.
  • 90% of the world’s gold mining has been done since 1848, when gold was discovered in Sutter’s Mill, California.
  • 40% of all gold ever mined is from the African Rocks.
  • Gold is widely found throughout the earth’s crust and in places where there are deeper deposits of gravel broken away by erosion.
  • Before the refining process can begin, the person handling the gold needs to examine all the pieces for metal assaying. This helps in ascertaining the purity and composition of the precious metal. Numerous methods of assaying are used, ranging from fire assaying, touchstone and x-ray fluoresce methods.
  • Two major types of gold refining are used today. These are the Miller and Wohlwill processes, named after the people who invented them. The first, is used by most refineries will produce the highest grade precious metal. Wohlwill is used for gold refinement on an industrial level.
  • Astronaut helmets receive an incredibly thin coating of gold (0.00005 millimeters, or 0.000002 inches), to reduce glare from sunlight and heat.
  • 78% of all gold mined is turned into jewelry. Medical, dental and electronics industries only account for 12% gold consumption.
  • India today stands as the world’s leading gold consumer, even at karat count. Western Jewelry stands at 14 karats compared to the 22 karats typically used in South Asian Jewelry.

As you can see, gold has a lot more to it than its beauty and value. For interesting facts and news about gold, keep reading our posts.